Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Minot is flooding

Minot is going to flood

There is 100's of national guard here

There is dirt trucks everywhere pickups with trailers most of the street are blocked with dirt levees. There is over 10,000 people having to leave there home with everything they have which will be covered in water.This is the worst flood in over 500 years. The water is coming from Canada from snow and rain. The officials are doing great with the organizations sand bag,and the evacuation storing thing, animals. The TV stations are 24 /7 ,on face book ,live cameras.

The water will be around for 2 weeks . There will be so many mosquitoes ,will not want to be out side.

It is a sad day for Minot. If you pray please pray for the people of Minot

I'm fine I live on a hill We have only had to plug the sower plugs in our basement


  1. My thoughts are with you all.... and I pray for everyone's safety......

  2. It's so sad to know that something like this is going to happen, and there's nothing that can be done to stop it. My prayers are with the people in Minot.

  3. Oh, GOD!!!
    Really sad every time these natural disasters happen. Prayers from me as well. Take Care!!!
    Hugs, Orchid.