Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy 4th of July

Hope everyone has a safe and fun Holiday!!!!Have lost the Internet for the last few days with the flood
do not know when they will fix the internet and will be back on
The flood is still is a mess
The water is coming down very slow.

I did get some bad water so was sick for a day not drinking any of the water .Only if I boil it allot longer .They said one minute at full boil. I will do it longer now.I'm at Anita's for the holiday,wash clothers, and get my fixes on the Internet.

Will be moving Jessie again.To a different apartment till she goes to Spain. It is good do not want to be in Minot
This is what I did while I was watched the flood on TV.

Will use for cell phones The blue is a small purse .They where fun to stitch

happy 4Th of July

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  1. A Happy 4th (a little late) to you too! Hope all is getting better from the flooding. Hang in there!