Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm back

Hi everyone .

This is my Santa sack is so nice. I will use it this winter for shopping .The hand work is so nice.The embroidery work is on a vintage fabric.It is hard to wait for Christmas but I will. Peggy's blog.http://sunny-quiltingdreams.blogspot.com/http://

I made a new center arrangement for my sun porch.

I have not had Internet for days .The flood did things to the wires.

There is still people out of there homes and will be out for a long time . Still boiling water and using bottle water . The basement plugs are still plugged. It is good for me I have to use the steps more. We are having a shed built before all the carpenter are busy, it will be nice to have place to put some of the things in and organized I hope to have it look like a small country cottage.

We have moved Jessie to new apartment helped Anita ,cleaned out the old shed. I have been moving so much . Since the flood have been gone allot


  1. I'm glad you like the Santa sack. I enjoyed doing the stitching for it. Merry Christmas!

  2. The santa sack is great.... it's amazing how much thre is to do after a disaster like a flood... hope things get back to normal soon for you though....

  3. Great Santa Sack... and the stitching looks lovely!
    Cheers :)