Sunday, September 4, 2011

Black eye Peas

Hope you have a safe Holiday.The weather is so nice this week end,
Josh Duhamul and people from here in Minot organized a concert . With Farge and the Black Eye Peas ,to help and raise money for the displaced people from the flood
It was amazing
Two sisters, my daughter, niece,and granddaughter went .Spent the day at party on the plaza
this is at the concert hope they raised allot of money

The girls at the logo for the benefit. We had so must fun but was ready for bed when we got home

Put up all my Halloween decoration. Going to clean out what I do not use.

Put French , Friend ,Santa , Postman(garden theme) swaps all in mail Friday.This is gifts for French and Friends. No pictures of the others swaps.

Hold a true friend with both hands

by Proverb

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