Thursday, September 22, 2011


Hi everyone.
I'm working this week for the festival we have here in Minot
It is one of the largest Norwegians festival
Norsk Hostefest

I'm going to have a giveaway in a couple week will pick up things at the hostfest and will make a few things.
Will post more later.
It will have to do with leaving comments.

package exchange ( garden)
and french swap look what I received

French swap

postage swap

What I sent for garden things

This what I sent for French Swap

I still have Santa Sack and Friend swaps

The world alwaylooks brighter from behind a smile

by unknown


  1. Oh my gosh - look at all those wonderful things coming and going. I'm glad you found a France swap - how perfect for you. And do I see Chokecherry taffy in one picture? My favorite jelly in the world is chokecherry, and I have to import it from South Dakota. They've never heard of chokecherries around here.

  2. I so wish I could attend this festival.. and learn more about my culture.... love your swap items..what a fun theme...