Monday, February 6, 2012

Hi everyone 
I have had a great day went to the thrift shop
couple shirts for me doll clothers,a Russian small plate, hand painted porcelain candy dish(has roses)
curtains the fabric I will take apart to Make a Cronus board for my daughters living room, vintage dollies,two small stands I use them to give height on tables old watches and pins to make add on for my crafts.Say a friend I went toArt shows with, have not seen her for a few years.
Went to a Super ball game party yesterday .Was so fun.
This is what I bought working on some of the project using some of the things. When done I will post.

Pink Satruday I posted about my trip to Spain .Francie Thornton   http/ commented she had lived in Spain. I emailed her  She answer so many of mine  questions I had .
It  turn out she lived in the city I'm  going to and answer all my questions It is so great.


  1. Isn't the net (& blogger) a wonderful place for information! :)

    1. I still get amazed by what we can do now.I have a friend that does not have one .Do not know why they do not get one ,I would go with out a car before my computer.