Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hi everyone
I have been working on jewelry and changing my house around I have done no hand work 
This is my last painting My friend that I paint with said looks like i'm into my self.May be so I'm still doing a few more I'm learning so much as the are larger then i do most of the time.It is 20x24

This is my gift from the Season swap It was fall www.donnaslavendernest.blogspot.com

The same day I received my gift I received a email to order Lavernder plants. I love them put have never been able to get them to grow hope to try again this year.

There is some fabric ,I'm going to try and make soon mug rugs and journal covers.
As you know I'm not much at quilting .But getting in to some sewing.


  1. Your painting is wonderful! You are soooo clever to be able to draw and paint.
    Love what Donna sent you in OASS. Thanks for playing along with us again! :)

  2. I think the painting's great, looks like a lot of work! Have fun with your fabric and hope the lavender grows...it's so nice to have around, have a great Thursday :)