Monday, March 31, 2014

List to do

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Trying to finish up project . ( I feel so great)
Listing in my store on Etsy ( Hope to open middle of April it is a lot of jewelry)
Take pictures for listing ( need some sun)
Beading some forks  handles for party's (Make great hosts gift)
Cut fabric for my wool projects  (went to a quilt show bought more work)
Changed  painting on walls in my living room
Cut glass and copper to solder for a journal necklace
Organize jewelry parts ( have been ordering more add ons)
Sew sheer curtain for my computer room did make the corns board
Need to paint up some of the wood project.
Finish a painting of kids in the woods (It is  taking for ever it has trees trees)
Clean out all my folder on painting project I will never do.( I have dozens of binders full, I have started)

Here is what I have done

Here are a few thing I have finished
 A pastel a picture I took in Italy
DH cousin home in the country
 Paper clay bottel doll

 Pastel DH cousin  back yard in

Tuscan Italy

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