Friday, April 18, 2014


Happy Easter

 Hope you have a pretty pink Saturday

I just spent a week in San Francisco .It was so fun, went with my sister, daughter few of my nieces and friends. Went on a wine tasting  tour  allot of  other things here are roses
 At my favorite one  winey

This is  the hand work I did  for my Great Niece and Great Nephew for easter gifts
They are moving to England, so also got them each a book Paddington Bear for my nephew, and Sophia Grace and Rose for my niece, hope I can have tea with her in England
 This a jacket front and back For the nephew
( I could not find a sweatshirt for them so got the jackets )
 Front of the jacketFor my niece  It will be a bit big
 The back
It was a last minute I was  asked . So not much time to do .
 I wanted it done before I went to Ca. I'm sure glad I did as came home with a cold.