Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas projects

It's holiday time

 I did my daughters tree.When my granddaughter was little we went to burger king , and I saved the toy from the happy meals She is 24 year sold now. I did the  tree this year  with them it is so cute

 This what I have been doing The outfit on the mannequin , I wore many years ago.( save everything)
The car is my Christmas card .

 Jars for my friends ,coaster, heart shape snowman on with newspaper on wood , mache boxes has old family pictures and just old photos,and a sq. glass jar with Christmas lights
 Boxes i'm using for gift boxes

 working on this  I had e a collection of gum balls machines Want to do a yellow in pastels.
 Christmas stocking small 6x10 hanging off a cloth hanger can change often.
Painting of  candy cane and cup
Working still few things to do 
 I really like the small canvas will do more on them easy to store and can sit on different surface floor, table mantels just great size. I have no more walls for paintings,
 I'm starting to do paintings for my nieces
I need to take pictures when I do things 
Hope you leave a comment!!!

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  1. Your paintings are good, I know your nieces will enjoy having them, too. And I love the outfit on the mannequin, I'm a saver too!