Monday, December 22, 2014

Convsation about Christmas trips

Hi ,
This will be a fun and merry week
Will be surprising my daughter ,we are getting a  plane ticket to fly home for  her daughter so she will not have to drive. The weather around here can be bad this time of year.
I had a surprise yesterday my husband asked me to go look a nice ring for Christmas I said I want a  big stone or none ,he said I know After thinking about it  I told him I would rather go on a couple trips, Next winter I would like to go to
California . I see so many nice shops,  or try to find a fun place to go in the winter where it is warm. This year I'm going to Spain and a couple short trips to maybe south of France,  not sure where else  we will find somewhere .When  I get back in May I'm going to London with my daughter and two granddaughters. It will be warm the only time granddaughter can go.
Any Ideas from any one just let me know

I have been painting stroke rose They are Mary Jo Leisure style love them I have done so many .But I  Think I'm starting to get it .This is one of hers. When I get it , will post I have wood pieces from her I hope it finish them in the new year .Going to master them

Want to bring some thing to work on when we are in Spain not sure to bring hand work or watercolor ,Water color do not take much room or does not much take much  weight .
And I know there is a art shop there so can get paper.

Merry Christmas  to all