Monday, September 13, 2010

Trip of 2010

Hi everyone
I'm on my way to Penn.
We are in Shipshewana In.The Amish town mainly. Went to my favorite store.
Was in Green Bay WI. For the past week end

My friend showed me a different way to wrap stones and glass. We also worked to get her kiln to fire .
Went to Door County is so nice there.
Every where you look it is fall.
This is Joe my husband buying a cabbage They are the size of a basket ball they had green or purple for a 1.00. We had a new cabbage dish noodle and cabbage. I bought home made noodles for it here in Shipshenwana made by the Amish.
Tomorrow going to west Virginia .To the fiesta dish factory. Hope I find something different.
Will be in Wilkes Barre by the week end.

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  1. Sigh, I wish I was on the road ! sounds like you are having lots of fun. Now I want some cabbage...Bubble and Squeak LOL