Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dishes and Jewerly

This is the new way I learned to wrap
stones and glass these are all stones My fall necklace

On our way to the factory .The town is very old and cute.
Out side the factory

This all seconds and a very good price.
Love this room
This is why I wanted to go.To get something I cannot get at home.I did get the big pizza plate.I would like to have four place setting in orange and black and green for fall

I bought some nice things I may go back as I have thought of a few more things
It remind me of in Poland and that pottery
These are not seconds

Are these colors so pretty I like it when things look like a color wheel or a rainbow

I took this picture when shopping in WI. The rainbow colors again like the dishes


  1. The fiesta dishes are always such pretty colors. As you said they do remind you of the rainbow. The fall of the year is the ideal time of the year to travel with the leaves starting to turn. I liked your pictures. Have a great day.

  2. Love Fiesta dishes and I have many of them. I would love to visit this factory!

  3. did you find me anything ?? :)

  4. Laura,
    I am on vacation next week so I hope we can get together! email me and I will give you my home and cell phone number!!