Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Holiday

Hope everyone
This is what I sent for the Season Swap.It started In Aus.and it is winter starting there, so sent snowman, Here is my Santa Sack with a few gift wrapped and ready for Christmas
Also the other side of the bag .Did not make it just for Christmas .
Merry Christmas

I need to find more swaps .

I do need to do My Christmas in July .Will be working on that.
It is still flooding here in Minot, now the drain sewer is full and having too much water with the rain

Children are a handful

sometimes, a heartfull all the time. By unknown


  1. Hey - that beautiful Paris bag looks familiar! Thanks again, Laura. It's absolutely beautiful.

  2. THANKS for all the WINTER things, LOVE then even tho it got to 87 here today! Hope the water stays away from you

  3. such lovely goodies in the swaps you have done... awesome.... I will keep my eye out for some swaps for you....

  4. Oh, you're involved in nice swaping group!!!
    It is always nice that we can have fun through this blog thing♪♪♪

    Well, I'm back. My commenting problem got solved♡