Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hi Everyone ,
Thank You for stopping by

This is what I have worked on for the last couple days It is a painting my friend painted .I put on with the other fabric. I still have to sew a back .Hope to make it into a cell phone holder.Still thinking what to use for the handle. Will show when all done.

The necklace is a wired rapped stone and some beads added .The wire is copper color,the stone is yellow .I forgot what kind of the stone is . I bought it in Portland at a art walk.I will work more on the rapping . It is something to do while watching TV.

It was my birthday this passed week end. I will say,I'm on medicare. So guess how old I'm now.I love having that day ,since I have my health

There's nothing like a mama -hug
ByAdabella Radici


  1. Happy birthday last weekend. I'm sure that you get younger every year!

  2. Happy, happy birthday..... lovely work you are doing... the necklace is beautiful....

  3. Yippee Happy Belated Birthday to You!!!

    I love the lovely...could the stone be Jasper? Cute little pocket too.
    Everything is so pretty!

    I just made up a little poem for you...A little
    belated Birthday gift.

    "I'm flying high now...I'm so high that I can see me for who I am...I'm flying on the wings of the past...flying fast into my future and loving every imperfect minute of it..."

    Smiles and Warm Hugs,


  4. A very Happy Birthday to you my friend! The wrapped stone is lovely and the small pouch is beautiful.

  5. Happy birthday last weekend my friend,
    Oh, how lovely your creations are!

    Take Care of yourself, I also need some medicine daily basis.
    Hugs love, orchid