Sunday, May 18, 2014

Paper butterfly , Paste board

I'm taking a online class
it is 24 weeks every week a different project.

This is done on paper with pencils very fun
The teacher was
Kelly Hoernig 
The frame is done like the next project 
Kelly HoegKelly Hoernig

This project is so fun with molding paste.I have worked with paste but never this way. The teacher is

 Chris Haughey 
The surface was a black board ,did the project on ,I added the hanger and rags and flower.
Going to do some more small things.With them breath mint boxes in this style

Looking forward to Monday's class

Had work done on my leg ( bad veins) A little sore . Hope this is the last thing I have go wrong .I have had one thing right after another.

Josh Duhamel is from here, his sister graduated from nurses school and he was there

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  1. Hi Laura! I would love to help you with your blog (or blogs). I know for a fact that people post on them more (and are more creative when they do) when their blogs are pretty and match their personality and style! Why don't you send me an email with your phone number and I will give you a call so we can chat!! (The email link is on my blog)