Sunday, May 11, 2014

Nest, Wedding announcement

Happy Mothers day to all

Today is raining and cold
I was cleaning and I found this clipping of my aunts wedding, It is  announcement from a newspaper in 1940.  Could not believe it was in a sugar bowl  I received when she past away in 2004 along with some more clippings . Now I know I'm like my mother and I keep every thing.
 I bought a cheap frame sanded painted it and added some rags and a rag flower.In the clipping said her dress was wine accessories color were  black. So  I added a black beads I hope my cousins like it .
I'm sending it to them
 It is mothers day I wish I would have done it for today
Will get in the mail soon

This what I got in the mail
 It is a nest 
I order from
She sells a lot of them but you do have to get on a list

I have seen  couple it is fun to see the different birds that sit in it.

I have three of her nests  Green, White and now Spring
 In one of my bedrooms I have
A Feather tree and I put my white one in it. I keep adding shabby chic things in the tree.
I tried to make one ,I do not knit so I bought a knitted hat and added yarn and rags to it ,It is ok  Put One in my dolls  arms and she holds it.
Vickie's are so much nicer,( a bit spendy) but they do take a lot of time
 All so made the pillow she is holding and the pillow with a pocket my mother did the hand work.
The picture in  the pocket is my mothers uncle and now I have part of mineral right from his oil well.(    not much)

I'm trying to stay off Facebook ,So now I'm writing more on the blog, wish I would  get more comment Do not know how to get more.
 Any ideas.
Hope you have a good day


  1. I love your nest that you got from our friend Vicki. She does such beautiful work whether it is making a nest or knitting a hat. I don't what to tell you about comments, I get several or none. You never know when they will pop in and leave you a comment. I don't if I am reading from a computer that is not mine. They say we may have rain in the early morning hours around 2 A.M. Have a wonderful week. Hugs and Prayers from a Missouri Friend.

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by!! Lovely post and I adore those nests!! I took a Blog Break awhile ago and almost did not come back.......


  3. So sweet framing the wedding announcement for your cousins - beautiful work. I will have to go and look at the gorgeous nests.

  4. Hi Laura!! Thank you for your comment on my Pink Saturday post. My Birthday was May 6. I adore the 1st picture of your aunts wedding announcement. The nests are beautiful. I can't wait to come back and visit. Grace xoox

  5. I am enjoying your blog and looking through to see some of your beautiful dolls! I have a few Himstedts too and love them! Would LOVE to get one of the nests that Vicki makes! How exquisite! Merry Christmas! Hugs, Diane