Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Project with wool

I 'm going to try and post what I'm working on been doing funky steampunk.

Now I'm working with wool and a little silk flowers.
I hope some will let me know what you think.

I really like working with wool.I have done a lot of penny rugs
I have not had any sales on Etsy so will try for a couple more months then try something else
My niece is going to travel to show around the US in a camper and try to sell her crafts.I can maybe go with her. 

If you know of a show let me know for her.

 I have a plan for one more with no wool, a spring thing.

A wool hand bag,the wool is from scrapes a designer of coats the wool is two sided . Wonderful wool.
lining is a Asian feel . Nice for when you only need a little bag.

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  1. Great, colorful creations, Laura. I'm off to explore your Etsy shop!