Friday, January 9, 2015

Gifts for giveaway

Happy Pink Saturday
I love the way Mary Jo Leisure does her roses ,Been trying to do them

 Start of my give aways
wings with felted  hearts on wool
Small canvas with snowmen .Can sit on a easel . Will have the giveaway after next week.Your name will be in the drawing must leave a comment for this week and next.
 Note book  Rose s I been trying to get like Mary Jo's They are not all done.

Working on kits to sew when I'm in Spain

All in packages buttons tread


  1. Your felted hearts are absolutely captivating! I love the idea of the wings. All beautiful work, Laura.

  2. Such beautiful have such great talents.

  3. Some lucky person will be very pleased to win any of your give a ways. You are so talented and creative. They forgot to give me that when I was born.