Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Painting room clean up -Kims paintings- giveaways prizes

These chickens I do for every month
finished these for Jan- Feb
The wreath put on a vine wreath will add more
The bird move to the month it is
This is what I did today
 Part of my giveaways not done 
A little more to do
 I cleaned my craft area one closet behind the wood things is the book do not use them much
hope to finish this wood this year
 Where I took the books from and put plastic boxes

 Does not look like I did much but I did 
put the tubs where I can use them more then the book
 Dinning room table 

 Painted the ceramic that broke before Christmas my husband mailed from PA
they are from my sister in law
The set is very nice 
 Put new form in the set of chair in my living room 
planning on getting new when I get back from Europe
 This is a painting I did for my niece of her grandsons
they are pastel
 They where a mess to frame 
my matt cutter was off so I wasted some matt board
I only do  portrait for  family they take a lot of time 
work a lot on these. The picture are from myrtle beach.

Not many have left comment so the list to win is short 
Next week I pick the name 
so leave a comment

Here is the giveaway things again 
 Small plackets of roses
 Small 7x7 canvas snowman
I like to make crafts and only have room for a few
Will be having on going give away to get more comment and friends
I have meet a few already but want more.
One more small 4x4 canvas
I like to sit on a small easel


  1. Your painting is just wonderful, Laura. And you have been SO productive! I am ashamed of my sluggishness! Three cheers!

  2. Laura you are so talented. Those paintings of the children are fab. Your storage looks so much more organised now.

  3. You are an excellent painter! Wow such talent!
    big hugs!

  4. I found your site accidentally and I am so glad I did! I love looking at your studio, closets, etc ... they look just like mine ... and we know where everything is, don't we? My favorites ... the pastels of the two children at Myrtle Beach ... beautiful ... Thanks for sharing. I'll be back again to follow!