Monday, May 10, 2010

My Week End

This is the start of the parade It was pretty nice weather.

This is the other direction the main street in Williston
It is very small town. Not very many stores. If you want to open a business this is the place

One of the entry in the parades .(some farmers.)

There is a reservation a few miles from Williston these are from there. There costumes have so much work in them ,with beads and bangles.

This is one of the views from the grave yard .It is about 8 miles from Williston.Was so cold the wind was blowing like crazy.
It was too cold to have the picnic at grave . So we went to the nursing home to have it there. We have a couple cousin that live there. It was nice and warm
Saw allot more relatives there .

This is one of the new oil wells in the Williston area. It is my cousins wifes. It takes up about 10 aces with the trailers and the rigs, all the equipment .They are going up all over the place. They say the area has the most millionaires in the country. Do to the oil .If you need a job this is the place to go .Put come in a camper there is no where to live .People are sleeping in cars. Boy do they make money,but it is hard work .Pick-up trucks every where . Out in the country there are oil rigs all along the horizon . Big change from last year. I learned allot more about the drilling of the wells. Discovery channel was there in town and CNN is coming there . Their has been oil bomb before in the 50's and the 70's . It is said if you own land there you will have a well. But to be rich you have to have allot of the wells and allot of land .

It was allot of fun

Did go shopping to a couple gift shops there was not thing I wanted. They have a couple of them kind of shop. No dress ,I think they may have Pennys .Nothing special they go at else 2 hour drive for any kind of shopping and that is not great .Not much for eating ,cannot get people to work there they go to the oil field to work.


  1. Hi Laura, What an interesting part of the country you live in. I don't know a thing about oil wells and small towns - it all sounds a bit like pieces from a novel. I'll be curious to learn more...thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello Laura. Brrrr.....North Dakota! I'm originally from Michigan, but like it fine here in Northern California now. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment :-) I love reading about different parts of the country that other creative people live in.