Sunday, May 30, 2010


The winner is---------------MOSAIC MAGPIE

My Granddaughter picked the name
Mosaic Magpie The day she came by was may 24 Th

I will have a another give away when I have 100 followers When we get close I will have a count down I do not know what it will be but it will be home made.

This is number one giveaway

Here is the the prize
It is a 9x6pillow accent with silk flowers and leaves, feather small string of pearls. With a copy of painting done on the computer by Vern Skaug The subject is of a picture taken in Greece. I call it" The Greek Accordion Player"

There will be a small surprise in side the box
When I get the address of Mosaic Magpie and after the holiday it will be in the mail . I hope she likes it and can use it.


  1. congratulations a beautiful prize

  2. Hello:)
    Was so nice to hear from you!
    What a lovely blog you have!
    Warm, warm hugs from me to you:)))))
    Alicja from Poland

  3. Thanks for your kind visit,
    I love the pillow on your header, and Mosaic Magpie was very lucky.I will be back,dear.
    xo Dorthe

  4. Thanks for your comment on my cross stitching. I should of cross stitched more when I was younger had good eyesight. What makes it possible for me to see my stitching is, wearing my glasses while using a magnifer that has a bright liht on it.

  5. Thank you! I am so happy to win! The day your granddaughter pick my name was the 24th, my anniversary as well. Lucky Day! Thanks again off to email you!

  6. Your roses on your logo/banner are beautiful, chick! I make them also and it the most calming thing I can do: sit down and make a flower our of fabric, coffee filters or ribbon. Ahhhh....

  7. Congratulations to the lucky winner! Have a nice week! Twyla