Sunday, May 2, 2010

Better get Buzy

Thank You for coming over...

Had a wonderful birthday and anniversary.

Now I will start to get some sewing and hand work done.

This is the kind of things I'm going to work on... and small art card .
The quilt, my mother made many years ago. The fabric is from some of the dresses I wore to high school. All the material is from the 40-60's. It is a small lap quilt.

Also, I need to sew a dress for my dolls for the month of May. I want it to be a Norwegian. There is a celebration for them May 17th --Norwegians, that is.
I'm making a calendar of the dolls. So every month I try to dress the doll in a costume of a holiday in that month or a theme of the month.
So I have a busy week..


  1. Good Heavens - your handwork and painting is fabulous! You are just oozing talent over here plus your pictures are arranged sooo excellently. :) Nancy

  2. What beautiful pillows and hand work!
    What brings you to W.B. in the fall???? Email me if you like

  3. Oh my gosh this is beautiful! So is your blog! Your header picture is the prettiest header I have ever seen!

    Love the comment youleft on my blog about your Mom backing a quilt with the calendars - what a fabulous story and thanks so much for sharing that!