Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy PS

Hi everyone,

Thank You for coming.

It is may and still cold here.I do have some tulip come up.

Why do we stay here. I'm so very tried of cold weather.

This is my closed in patio. We had it done last summer. It is more like a sun room now. I bought this heart basket 20 some years ago.I still like it. The flower I got in arrangement .I'm going to try and grow a plant this summer . I'm not much for yard work. We will see if one will grow.

This is a mannequin I bought off Etsy .The flower paintings are so pretty .They where painted by my favorite decorative painter, Mary Jo Leisure. I also use them to hang on a lamp shade.

I'm off to Band Day in Williston ND. They have a parade up main st .Bands come from all the surrounding town.There is floats, horses, clown just a old time day .We sit in lawn chairs and watch .Bands have concert in the park in the afternoon. Some of my sister and cousins go every mothers day .We go to parade them shop there is some cute shops.It is a small town but now there is a oil boom. so its very busy. After we shop .There is a car show my uncle always had cars in it .He also passed away this year he was 94 years old ,now my cousin has cars in it.. In the evening we play games and drink coffee. We did drink wine a few years . We rent a suite at a hotel bring snacks .Sat night dinner we buy chicken ,chips and that kind of thing. I baked a few things( will show next week). What is left we take Sunday. Sunday, Mother day we go to my parents grave and have a picnic. We visit our aunts and uncles graves also clean and put flower on everyone grave .It is a very peaceful place. It is in the country out by our farm it is about 5 miles from Montana. Then back home.

Come back and see pictures


  1. Your patio looks lovely! I wish I had an enclosed patio! Lucky you!

  2. Happy Pink and Happy Mother's Day. Yur pinks ar so pretty. It sounds like a lovely day planned, enjoy

  3. Happy Pink Saturday!
    Happy Mother's Day!

  4. Your Pink tulips look so cold!
    Happy Pink Saturday!