Thursday, July 8, 2010

Buzy Times

Hi come on in Love having you

Just leave a comment I really like it.

I'm sure you all have seen the original Painting of this "The American Gothic"

I have wanted to paint this for years. I have a vintage frame .When it is dry I will frame it. The people who have looked at it think it looks like Joe not so much me.I took artist license fixed a couple things I didn't like made myself with gray hair ,mine is colored so maybe looks different. I do not know what I look like if I'm not looking a mirror even the picture I had to look at still did not do well .You think about it do you know what you look like?

I have been busy,
Thinking of the projects for Christmas swaps. It sure is good to get the creative thinking going.
Thanks for stopping by

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  1. Love the painting, hey didn't I see where you had won a giveaway! I hope it was as nice as the one I won from you!