Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My ACT Swap

Thank You for coming by.
Love comments

I received my first ACT from Susan at-- sjmcdowellblogspot.com-- It is also Susan first,along with me .Mine is stitching I will one of these days do it with paper .If you have not joined the sw, do it is fun .It is all about meeting people. I now have to sit my new ACT on the table. Been painting and stitching ,and sewing.

This is what I sent. The native is a copy of a painting I did from a photo I took at a powwow at New Town ND .The print is from my last swap of a doll making book.

I'm working on next swaps.I need to get them done I may be gone from home at other swaps. So I want them done. The thing is sometimes you think of something else to do.

This is the first giveaway I won the coordination is wonderful I sew the fabric together .She had beads I have never seen.Will post when done I may put it on a pillow The giveaway was from Pat Winter Gatherings She does amazing work. Take a look.


  1. Be fun to see them when you are done.
    Have a lovely summer's eve ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. Laura,
    What a wonderful ATC Susan made for you. I love the girls on it. And the one you made for Susan, you know I love all that stitching. I am excited for next month's swap we have added so many more people!!
    Love to you,

  3. Love your blog, and thanks for visiting mine today.

  4. Sent mine off but haven't received mine yet...can't wait, love yours !

    I'm following you... if you follow me it gives you two chances to win the Lavender.


  5. Hello Laura,
    Susan said that the small pow wow ATC is a copy of a painting that you did. How nice to be so talented.
    The "Sisters" card you sent her (front and back) is lovely. So much stitching. Several people in the swap do stitch work. I do not understand how you all can sew on something so small - I am impressed.

  6. Beautiful painting! I also love the stitching on the "sisters" card, so great to combine different mediums in these little works of art! Can't wait for next month's swap!

  7. both are very lovely cards....hoping to get you as a swap buddy soon..looking forward to orange month...hehehe!