Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back to Crafting

Hi Everyone
Thank you for stopping by.
I feel good at last. What I did was take too many calcium.I never knew you could get so sick from doing that.Has any one else done this?
I finished my fabric book .I started last fall. I designed it from my ATC's . I started it when there was a contest for our ACT Swap.I did not have time to finish it then . I went on that trip out east. So did today, I did a different one for the contest .

Front and Back

Sister and Angel Swap

Leaves and Orange Swap
I sewed this table cover for my patio today.The fabric I have had a while .Pattern is like the 40's.
Was going to do my deck in the 40's style but it is now enclosed and is my country.So I will use it on my patio.
The gourds I painted in lime and a dark red.Two of them reminds me of a big pear.The pear is a Symbol of homespun cozy and warm.
They are large ones.I bought the cutting board in France is it not wonderful?


  1. So great of you to add to the auction... and it is good to hear you are feeling better... never heard of too much calcium....

  2. Love your fabric book. It is really neat. I just finished my first altered composition book, and it was fun to work on.