Thursday, January 6, 2011

Right size Heart

Hi everyone
oops oops

Was laying in bed last night and it dawn on me the pillow I made for the heart swap was too big
The one I made,could not fits in the flat rate box 8x5.I made the wrong size heart. So had to make the correct size today. The one I made is too big 9x11, Now the second one is 5x6 the right size will fit in box.
They are both cream wool
Small pillow has vintage lace buttons and copied pictures. Silky ribbon.
The large one is vintage lace and stitched hearts ,with a rag flower made with muslin and grosgrain and silky ribbons.
Will be mailing it to Debbie soon.

You can see the big difference


  1. Everyone will be wanting this!!! Great job, can't wait to see it!

  2. I want this! These are you sell them?

  3. So very pretty! as soon as i can get my Christmas decorations down, I will start decorating for Valentine's Day and I have some projects that i would like to do....

    Thanks so much for your visit.


  4. Hi Laura! Thanks for visiting my blog, Fursdonhouse. Yours is lovely!! And I think I finally realize why I made my own heart so big! I kept thinking it can't be larger than 8X5, so what do I do - try to make it just under 8X5. I thought the dimensions were a bit unusual, but I'm always willing to try something that interests me! It didn't occur to me that I could make it smaller! Silly me! Thanks for your post! It helped clear my silly brain! LOVE your heart! Once I have my studio organized, I'd like to make more of them. Take care!

  5. They're both beautiful but I love the picture on the heart for the swap. very pretty and the fabric flower finishes it off perfectly!