Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hi everyone . I want to have 100 followerThen I will have a giveaway again.So if you stop by please leave comment and become a follower.

This what I have been doing the last two days
First I have made I what call is a paper fabric.The idea came from
She does wonderful handwork.
I'm in the Heart Swap the organizer .Now I need to sew. I have changed some.
I'm getting into a few swaps Love them

More tour of the mall of America
This store amazed me it is the American doll .The owner of American dolls can bring there doll and have there dolls hair done .also the cafe bar is for party's

Here you bring friends and dolls for a birthday party Chairs for dolls and also a cake for the birthday party .It is amazing the whole store

Here is some of the felting I have done this week Just made ball then glued to acorn shell.
Got bored so quit .Will do more to fill a nest someday.
I'm going to account for my 2011 revolutions
Most important one to me is exercise and I have been.
Drinking my last Pepsi. I have been drinking too many.
Went to Dr yesterday it takes time to see if the surgery will work. Dr. said takes a few months.To see if ,I will not wear glasses.
Then went shopping by myself. Found some sales and got everything one my list. It was not to rush , Everything I bought I think was work for crafts.

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