Monday, July 6, 2015

Paris in July -1

Happy Pink 
Paris in July

Here is my start of Paris in July
I have not read a French book
I do not cook French (maybe French Fries)
Put I have Shopped in France
So my goal is to find a good book 
I read some not much
I have hard time finding ones I like
I like to read about true storys
I just read a few book about the Ladys of Mulum faith
I learned a lot 

Paris In July

I have been to France a couple times 
Only on tours .
I did go to Metz France to just shop
I have Paris theme in my bathroom
Most of the thing I did get in France
The first time I went to Europe 
Before we left I wall paper my bathroom,When I got back 
The paper was french words
That started my Paris rooms

 This is my small second bathroom

 The main bathroom. The head,and Laura, perfume  bottles bought at a truck stop on our way to Metzs France,
To a flea market

 The print of the lady in the silver frame,was from a souvenir shop

Post card I got and mailed from  the Ethel tower

In my small collection of perfume bottles 
I put some of the tins pick up at the 
Ethel tower
( I like tin boxes)

Also picked this at the Metz flea market

More finds at the Metz Market
 I hope to post one time a week for the month of Paris Or french in July 
I leaving on a trip to Portland Ore gone,
Will be there one month
Hope to attend Lavender festivals, French festival, restaurants and also going to the Pacific Ocean,
Be looking for see glass.

Hope you leave comments
Trying to get my blog 
with more interest 
I have meet some fun gals hope to meet more


  1. For someone who hasn't been to Paris, you have a definite Paris theme going on. If you go, it will steal your heart.

  2. It's so nice to have a room where you can share all your Paris treasures!

    Enjoy Portland.

    Here's my Paris in July post!

  3. I'd say you did very well at the flea market! I'm doing Paris In July, too! Stop by!

  4. I adore all your decorations, especially the valance fabric! I also have a Paris room, but it is lacking in details. You have inspired me to investigate some local flea markets and see what treasures I can find.

  5. I love this post, and I'm very jealous of your Paris style bathroom. You can come & decorate my place! You sure know how to shop at the markets.I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with us in Paris in July and we'll have fun visiting your blog.. While Portland isn't France, I do have memories of visiting Portalnd in Fall and buying my favourite red shoes... all my other red shoes have come from Paris... so there's a connection. Enjoy your trip.

  6. You have a fabulous collection French ephemera and the German enamelware in your bathroom is lovely, hope you have fun in Portland.

  7. It looks like you're well on your way to having a completely Parisian home! Have a wonderful time in Portland!