Monday, July 13, 2015

Paris in July/ my things from France trips

I'm now getting ready for Portland 
I'm also going to try and post 
Paris in July on Pink Saturday.
There is a few things that we will do that is kind of French
Lavender Festivals ,cafes, Restaurants

I have a problem  just doing one  thing

Here is more of my French treasures ,

I made this  little basket,and my flowers for my hats
The basket one side metal for magnets other is a green chalk board

My doll 
She is from my collection of dolls
Designed by Annette Himstead

I sewed her dress fabric ( bought last time I was in Portland) is a Paris theme
Hanging off her hand is a key ring and the band on the other hand from the Ethel  Tower.
 The band around her neck.
I ordered the necklace which is really a cuff bracelet
Her hair pieces from Spain
The glasses are my granddaughter 

Bear is paper macha
He is from Paris

That tassel from Metz  France
The first time I was in Metz there was a tassel I loved 
but it was a 100.00 Euro 
So thought I would go home and make it 
Tassel part was different yarns 
So that meant I need nice yarn
Should have bought the tassel
After a tub of yarn.

Bag is also from

This is  the corner
of my family room
I bought it in Malian Italy
It is a vinyl cookie boxWhen I travel I like to get a painting of the ar
This is a corner in my family room. I bought the red box in Milian Italy it  is a vinyl cookie box
The big basket is sitting a kneeling chair  . come from the flea market in Metz France 

When I travel I try and find a painting of where I visit
This windows in Paris
I got this one  out side of the Louvre
Al so here is the map ,ticket and a post card from the Louvre

The little accent pillow 
at the Palace Versailles
A vintage framed revised painting( it is painting on the glass of the palace
and more Paris

Coin of Napoleon front and back
Using for jewelry 

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  1. What fun purchases! I can see you did your very best for the French economy~!