Thursday, July 16, 2015

French Festival 3


I told them I was blogging  about Paris in July
 They gave me a flag to use

 In side one of the Gallery's is where they had booth selling things
All was french
 She also had lavender wands and small bags and linens With these vintage prints
 She was from Provence France
 Samples of french mustard
 My friend (I'm the tall one)
I bought the dress in Spain it had Tower  on it
We are in front of a Dale Chahlly Glass work


 This gal was from Paris .I found a few things ,
She is working on a web sight .She is so pleasant
With a very French accent
 They had people fencing in side and out

This is some of the venders

 Just setting eating and listening to the music
 As we leave is this Church on the corner
Out side the gallery There was things for children to paint

 This is in the Gallery gift shop
It wa a very nic gift shop

This when we where leaving a cross the street   neat little Church

What a Wonderful day  Please leave a comment


  1. Laura, looks like you were treated to a wonderful french festival. So much to see, so much french stuff. Awesome that you got some paris in july privaleges too. Wish I has one of these close to me.. A few years ago a friend and I flew to melbourne to a similar fete. Great memories.

  2. What a great festival. I know that I would have left with that Paris Line by Line book. I'm trying to resist buying it online.

  3. Such fun! What a wonderful time and what fun things. Oh dear -- I would have spent way too much!

  4. I love the pretty linens! And you look beautiful in that dress! Hugs!

  5. I believe I could spend hours in the gallery gift shop - how fun!

  6. I love those glass sculptures. They are just exquisite. Happy Pink Saturday!

  7. That looks like fun - you could almost believe you were in Paris!

  8. How fun! What a great festival! I loved all of your photos. And that gallery gift shop looked great!

  9. I love Chihully!AriadnefromGreece!