Friday, June 29, 2012

Allot of Pink and my Morocco trip

Pink Saturday
Thank You Beverly
She does a wonderful job for the PS.
Visit she has allot to see.
Hope you have a fun and safe 

 My wash hanging out Yesterday
 So good we just got a new cupcake on our Military Base  Minot AFB
4th of July holiday

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Here are pictures from my trip to Spain
We went to Morocco 
So here some pink pictures from there.

Walking down the street in front of us these two little girls.
I think they where coming from school.
Hope to do a painting of them.
This is  the shop that was selling rug .There where some very nice ones
I sure wanted a white one 
Did not get any too much money to send home

This is the one I wanted
 These lady sitting and visiting like all other women

 Here is a shop full of thread I think it was silk.
I wish I would have bought some.
Every color
 These dresses where so pretty
 The man was buying one for his wife he was very proud
It was the white and lavender one.
 Do not know why. Could not speak English he had two children with him .
 Very small shop just men working in them.
The dresses so pretty would like to have one .
Did not ask what the cost was.
In all the shop where men working
Talk about a mans world.
More of the things they sold
 This is the coffee shop at the Hotel . They use bright colors.
It was very poor place, and primitive in many things,
 the places we where.

 Would not mind going again and go at a slower pace.
Was there two day that went way to fast.
Till next week
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  1. I hope you enjoy your upcoming 4th of July! :)

  2. HPS! Love the photos of your trip! The little girls holding adorable....and those cuppy cakes! YUM!


  3. Happy Pink Satuday! I enjoyed seeing your fascinating photos from Morocco!

  4. Great pictures of your trip! But, I really love the header pic of your laundry!

    Happy RW&Blue!

  5. What fun you must have had! I would've wanted to buy the thread AND dresses too!
    I'm with Honey, I really love the header pic! I love clothes lines!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  6. Such interesting places you visited, the thread shop was amazing.
    Have a great 4th and enjoy a special cupcake or two!

  7. Yes, lots of pink to see, and Morocco looks amazing!

  8. Lovely post..

    Visiting for Pink Saturday- hope you can stop by..