Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hi Having a wonderful week   

I have a question.!!!1
What should I do with this tray?
The silver is wore off
The edges are pretty put the center is not nice 
The size is about 16x20, a large tray
There is engraving That  still there, do not know if I paint it will they
show.I have tried to clean it put no luck
Any idea I would love, 
Have thought to paint cream then age it with stain .
Black chalk paint, but sure the engraving would not show. 
Thought I could paint roses on a cream paint.
Plan to use in my family room on my coffee table

I signed up for Where blogger create. 
Now I have a good reason to clean up my craft rooms
My rooms are  small I share with the laundry and also a hall way and my tread mill.If I see it I use it
Well some time
I'm sure we will see some great rooms.
Hope all who read this joins too.

Trying to write more and keep up with a few blogs .I bought the book Building Beautiful blogs
It was 19.98 Hope it helps I do not know very much.
I'm having a wonderful hope you are.


  1. That's a lovely tray you've found! It will be wonderful on display! :)

  2. Great find - I saw one similar that had the center tray portion painted with chalkboard paint - it was very cute !

    I'm so glad you stopped by Lavender Hill - your blog is charming and I'll be sure to be spending lots of time checking out all the fun posts !


  3. I think a chalk board would be great! But I am wondering....can you paint a simple chalk board and be happy with it??? I see you painting a beautiful portrait on it or something elaborate like that!