Monday, June 11, 2012

Hi Everyone
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This our new shed it is 15x15.We use it for storage and Joe does some wood work We had all the things in our garage I also had my painting classes in the garage.
 So now we moved all the junk to the shed and got a new garage  door  . We had in closed the garage door.
So now my car cant be out of the storms. This is our back yard , Hope to get some flower back there .Every summer we go away , so we never did much . Going to start a few things now

Hope every one has a good week.Maybe the weather will be  sunny rest of the week


  1. We built a shed because we had no garage. The outside was so cute and everyone said they wanted to see the inside but they were disappointed that it was just a shed. So I had to decorate the inside. Have fun with your new shed and the garage. Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  2. So great to have the shed.... and your lawn looks so lush and lovely ....

  3. Love the shed, great idea! Enjoy and have a great week! So glad you could stop by my Wedding post, a fun one to do! Hugs and happy weekend! Marilou

  4. What a beautiful spot to enjoy looking all around! I like that porch connected to the shed..