Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Doll display,verification sign

Hi Everyone 
Hope your week Is going good 
Was gone for a couple days back home 
Need to get rest and get some things done 
even might clean my house .

Here is some of the dolls with there shirts. Jessie got for them while in spain and on her  trips
It is at my daughters house ,flowers from her yard.
Going to get some in the fall for my yard.
We are going to have a welcome home party 
And going to use  the doll  for decorating for it. And things we bought
Joe (hd) goes fishing everyday and most day gets his limit ( 5)
So we are serving fish and salads .

Jessie is back in the states took her 36 hrs . I was not good
Flying is not fun any more.
It was a pleasure years ago
Alway on time , a nice seat
Times change.

I had allot more comments on my Pink Saturday
Thank You, everyone.
http://www.howsweetthesound.typepad.com  (try It)
I tried to put a no word verification on my settings
on my blog. Hope it work not sure. Let me know!!
That may be why.


  1. Thank you yo much for your Pink- Saturday comment!
    Sorry that I write you only now. I was very busy, because of our wonderful little bloggers-picnic that I organized with my friend Elizabeth: o) The pictures of our meeting you can see here:
    xox Traude

  2. PS: It worked! There was NO WORDVERIFICATION!
    PS2: You are right - once upon a time flying was a pleasure...

  3. Love the dolls. Agree about flying not being the same these days.
    No word verification is the best. I've never had a problem without it. SO much more pleasant to blog that way.
    "Saltare" for joy!!! ;)


  4. No word verification...worked. :) YAY!