Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Allot to show everyone This a fish my granddaughter and dh caught today Joe pulled it in on the line then it broke the line and Jillian caught in the net.Fast reflexes . Joe goes almost everyday.I have so much fish Going to have a party when Jessie gets back from Spain. and using the fish
This is what I finished today .Changed allot .
 This is the photo I took in Spain
Had this basket painted a long time. Changed it to something different

I'm trying to do more white for my family room, top is cream and sides stained
Have a few more things changing to match.


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  2. Laura,
    Your painting ability just astounds me! From the beautiful header to the dancer! I like what you did with the basket.

  3. Could not resist stopping by for my daily Italian word. Now you have me hooked on the "argomento." HA!
    Delightful art again here. You are so gifted.
    And if my husband sees that fish, he will grab his gear and head straight for the water. ;) Loves to fish.

    Enjoy your Sunday, and thank you for posting the party button.