Friday, June 29, 2012

Allot of Pink and my Morocco trip

Pink Saturday
Thank You Beverly
She does a wonderful job for the PS.
Visit she has allot to see.
Hope you have a fun and safe 

 My wash hanging out Yesterday
 So good we just got a new cupcake on our Military Base  Minot AFB
4th of July holiday

I Love comments
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Here are pictures from my trip to Spain
We went to Morocco 
So here some pink pictures from there.

Walking down the street in front of us these two little girls.
I think they where coming from school.
Hope to do a painting of them.
This is  the shop that was selling rug .There where some very nice ones
I sure wanted a white one 
Did not get any too much money to send home

This is the one I wanted
 These lady sitting and visiting like all other women

 Here is a shop full of thread I think it was silk.
I wish I would have bought some.
Every color
 These dresses where so pretty
 The man was buying one for his wife he was very proud
It was the white and lavender one.
 Do not know why. Could not speak English he had two children with him .
 Very small shop just men working in them.
The dresses so pretty would like to have one .
Did not ask what the cost was.
In all the shop where men working
Talk about a mans world.
More of the things they sold
 This is the coffee shop at the Hotel . They use bright colors.
It was very poor place, and primitive in many things,
 the places we where.

 Would not mind going again and go at a slower pace.
Was there two day that went way to fast.
Till next week
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at all the Post for PS.
Hope you leave comments.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hi Having a wonderful week   

I have a question.!!!1
What should I do with this tray?
The silver is wore off
The edges are pretty put the center is not nice 
The size is about 16x20, a large tray
There is engraving That  still there, do not know if I paint it will they
show.I have tried to clean it put no luck
Any idea I would love, 
Have thought to paint cream then age it with stain .
Black chalk paint, but sure the engraving would not show. 
Thought I could paint roses on a cream paint.
Plan to use in my family room on my coffee table

I signed up for Where blogger create. 
Now I have a good reason to clean up my craft rooms
My rooms are  small I share with the laundry and also a hall way and my tread mill.If I see it I use it
Well some time
I'm sure we will see some great rooms.
Hope all who read this joins too.

Trying to write more and keep up with a few blogs .I bought the book Building Beautiful blogs
It was 19.98 Hope it helps I do not know very much.
I'm having a wonderful hope you are.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Doll display,verification sign

Hi Everyone 
Hope your week Is going good 
Was gone for a couple days back home 
Need to get rest and get some things done 
even might clean my house .

Here is some of the dolls with there shirts. Jessie got for them while in spain and on her  trips
It is at my daughters house ,flowers from her yard.
Going to get some in the fall for my yard.
We are going to have a welcome home party 
And going to use  the doll  for decorating for it. And things we bought
Joe (hd) goes fishing everyday and most day gets his limit ( 5)
So we are serving fish and salads .

Jessie is back in the states took her 36 hrs . I was not good
Flying is not fun any more.
It was a pleasure years ago
Alway on time , a nice seat
Times change.

I had allot more comments on my Pink Saturday
Thank You, everyone.  (try It)
I tried to put a no word verification on my settings
on my blog. Hope it work not sure. Let me know!!
That may be why.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Painting, doll shops in Milian

Happy PS
hope your week end is fun .
I know mine will be.
Jessie my granddaughter is coming home.

Look at my fun .These dolls are so much fun to make .Will do more.

The week as gone by so fast. I joined the ATC swap again, This is something I have to work more on .
Flowers from my yard, Do not like the ant in them so leave them outside
Happy Pink Saturday
 Window in Milan Italy, allot of pink, There is so many wonderful  window in Milan.
I like to take pictures and look at window displays. 
I would like that job

 Window L' occitana In Milan Italy,I love this shop and there product. they have the best candles

 This is a box in a shop in Milan. One of my favorite stores in Italy called the Auto Grill (sometime a truck spots). They have so many things. I did get one of the boxes it has Paris on it. I wish they had a web shop.
This is what I worked on this week
The train is a wedding gift. they must work on trains.
 May work more on it looks like a train face.
It is a copy from the internet The original was painted by Moony

It reminds me of the train
 I think I can
 I think I can.
 The finished  painting of me,not crazy about it. I'm about 16 years old then
 On our trip I to Spain, saved things found ,wrapper, tickets,  from things just junk
Put in a  frame , handles on side, use as a serving tray . Made one for granddaughters and daughter. pained  It sure help remember the trip.I have made one for myself when I went to Europe a few years ago.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Allot to show everyone This a fish my granddaughter and dh caught today Joe pulled it in on the line then it broke the line and Jillian caught in the net.Fast reflexes . Joe goes almost everyday.I have so much fish Going to have a party when Jessie gets back from Spain. and using the fish
This is what I finished today .Changed allot .
 This is the photo I took in Spain
Had this basket painted a long time. Changed it to something different

I'm trying to do more white for my family room, top is cream and sides stained
Have a few more things changing to match.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Hi Everyone
Changed my verification on my comment page
 hope more leave comment now

This our new shed it is 15x15.We use it for storage and Joe does some wood work We had all the things in our garage I also had my painting classes in the garage.
 So now we moved all the junk to the shed and got a new garage  door  . We had in closed the garage door.
So now my car cant be out of the storms. This is our back yard , Hope to get some flower back there .Every summer we go away , so we never did much . Going to start a few things now

Hope every one has a good week.Maybe the weather will be  sunny rest of the week

Friday, June 8, 2012

Hi Everyone.
Please leave a comment. Trying to get more to follow and comments.
Does anyone know of any swaps or where to find them?

Found this on pinterest
Going to make for my dolls . Something like these.

My friend Tammy and I walk a 5k. It was the first for both of us   The weather was perfect.
Will do it again .Will get better shoes , I got a few blisters.