Friday, June 26, 2015

My trip to Nottting Hill
What a fun place 
I could have spent a lot more time 

Thought the jackets was so cute on her

A few of the different booths

I think this is my last post of my London trip,
We did more but want to do some different things

I have had a trouble with my eye . The Dr. put me on prednisone ,I have been on before and it always make me sick. So have not done much, some painting and setting up a dinning room display, for at the beach
Joe 9 husband aunt died so he has been gone back to Pennsylvania, Have gotten a few things organized
nothing to crew
I will be gone a gain for a month to Portland Oregon going to stay with a friend, she has a lot planed will post        
This store has been in many movies
getting things ready to make a fabric memory  book  of my trip to London
stacks of pages
bought some roses they where so pretty
Had to save them so I'm hanging them

Just some pink


  1. Hi Laura. Glad you are having a fun time in London. Hope your eye is better soon.
    Rosezeeta. x

  2. ahhh, how wonderful to be in London. It's on my Bucket List but seriously doubt I will ever get to go. Have fun and hope your eye is better.....

  3. I loved touring Notting Hill with you! I hope to visit one day.

  4. I should love to tour Notting Hill with you! What a great area! Looks like tons of fun.

    I hope your eye recovers in time for your Portland trip. You probably read the Beautiful PDX blog, all about Portland. It has made me want to visit this lovely spot!