Friday, June 12, 2015

Milan painting/ London at pink Ice Cream/ Sherri beach

Hi everyone have not been able to post
I had a great trip to UK
Have not posted as I could not get my pictures to post.Going to try to get it worked out
This next week

This a painting I did for my niece for her birthday while we where in UK

It was at the beach she was at in Spain ,When they came to visit us in Spain

This bench was by Themes River
Napoleons gave the Queen 
Been there since then
I have a friend that painted it
There was a street lady sleeping  on it was a great painting 
Wish I had a picture of it

Walking and shopping  around London

Just booths selling fun things
I thought I would go crazy with the
Union Jack, But did not, would have liked now to have bought a pillow,
could get it here. too.
thought this looked like the color wheel
I aways like the things that remind of it
This shirt was very pink.
One of the hotels we stayed
was  by this tube enter way
This gal was on the tube ,some of my favorite colors
light blue, pink and orange.
She knew I was taking her picture and liked it.

this was a promotion
They had bands fashion show
the whole street was closed off
They gave samples of Ice Cream 
coffee or raspberry 
Lines to get free Ice Cream

Area to sit and rest and kids could play 

Few years ago was in Milan Italy
One day walking up  from the subway
This is what we saw at the top It was evening and raining
Finished it

Few years ago was in Milan Italy
One day walking up  from the subway
This is what we saw at the top  of the steps
It was evening and raining
Finished it
Hope you take time and visit again 


  1. What a fun trip. Nice getting to share it with you though your lens.

  2. London! One of my favorite places in the world! Is that Regent Street they blocked off for the Magnum event? That must have messed traffic up really well. Your paintings are just beautiful - I especially like the Milan piece. You captured the rain perfectly!

    1. Not sure what street But it was fun to watch
      The pink was so pretty

  3. What a great trip that must have been! I wrote you on facebook that I received your parcel thank you so very much!AriadnefromGreece!

    1. The trip was great fun ,happy you liked the package
      Have a great weekend.
      Your friend Laura

  4. I do love the UK and am longing to return. It's on the someday but not too long list! Your photos are great and I love your painting!

  5. Lovely paintings. THanks for sharing your photos and your trip. Happy Pink Saturday!

  6. Oh Laura, what a delightful trip! I thoroughly enjoyed your photos and it was a joy to see your are very talented! Hugs to you!

  7. Oh, I'd love to go to England one day, and your photos have rekindled that wish!

  8. Hi Laura, Thank you for your comment about the gardens.

    Your post is lovely about your trip. I liked the photo you took in the tube. Actually all of your photos are awesome. I know you had a wonderful time in the UK.

    Happy Pink Sat.