Monday, June 15, 2015

London- beach-windsorCastle

Hi everyone
Going to journal my trip to london
I could not not the trip .
I went to see my nephew ,
he and his wife are working there for couple years.
 They have a boy name Carter, he is a hand full
also a daughter.
Here we go
Our fight was with Iceland airlines
It was a great fight
We landed in Iceland and changed planes
 ,pictures from the plane
There seemed like not much there

They have whale watching and volcanos
This all I saw and the airport
There was a lot of wool products,
jewelry from lava

Flying into London

So big.

Our first outing
to the beach

My two granddaughters

Playing on the beach

 Found some shells one piece of sea glass
Then shopping and lunch

mashed potatoes and sausage and gravy

Then shopping
Art on the street ,they where painted
on paper then he took them off
so could carry them away

First time I saw the Selfride
part of the Selfridge stores

Next day to Windsor Castle.
The queens Country Home
The castles ar amazing can't believe people 
live like this
The grass is wonderful
The queen has her own grass brand

This the side where 
queen lives when she is there

This is the mot around the castle

This where some of the people work at the castle
The only ones I saw was older ones
I was told they do things like clean the silver dust, let me tell you there is all lot to do
As we where leaving
There is so much to see
There will be more


  1. What a wonderful recap of part of your trip!!! I can't imagine living in a castle either....they are gorgeous, but so cold looking!

    HPS!! Dana

  2. Oh I love London!It will be great to see what you saw!AriadnefromGreece!

  3. I'm so glad there will be more because you have simply whet my appetite for a London excursion. It sounds wonderful -- and to experience with your granddaughters, what a special gift!