Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Off and On bus/Start of cork key rings

The next day 
we went to London 
we thought we would just stay at a hotel 
and get a better shop 
My nephew home was about 1 1/2 hour from London
the hotel close to this tube
 across from hotel

we got on the off and on bus
 this water fountain the night before someone put soap powder they where cleaning it out
You can see the white foam.
 big ben
 Right about this spot the bus sat for about 45 min.
there was a protest of the cabs
 new part of London
The Eye and Big Ben

 Right here is when we got off
The on ,off bus
I t was cloudy and rainy .why the picture is dark.

So we got off and meet some friends .From Sweden
we went for afternoon tea.It was the first time my daughter had
and she liked it with milk.

 we went and bought tickets for Jersey Boys
All so went to wicked, and
This where we stop be before the play
went with my nieces the little one love it

Stopped at a grocery store

 They had these sheep around the city ,painted by different artist this one was painted by
Cath Kidston .Her things are so sweat. My niece standing by the sheep
In 2014 I went with my sisters and friends
to San Francisco for a week
We went on a wine tasting in Napa Valley 
One of the winery I asked for some of the used corks
they gave me some 
Now I' making key ring, need to put map of San Francisco map in to a bottle caps
In November we are going to 
Savanna Georgia and Charlotte South Carolina 
I will give to them then

 This is what painting I'm working on
It is my nephew from London
They came to Spain when we where there. Its Carter at the beach


  1. Oh I so much love London!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. Your painting is lovely and your keychains great fun! I really am enjoying photos and experiences of your London trip! You certainly made the most of it!