Tuesday, April 13, 2010

White Wedesday #1

Hi Welcome
come in

My First White Wednesday #1
I did not realize I had so many things white. Last summer we had our patio enclosed and I did it shabby chic, also white bedroom and bathroom with a lot of white.
When I was younger, me and my sister had pretty hands, long thin fingers and nice shaped finger nails. My granddaughter have them now . So I started collecting hands. I have a few different ones, of different shapes and colors and materials. I'm sure I will post them at different times .
The shoes are from my dolls. I collect Annette
Himstedt dolls. I have about 18 different dolls and one set of twins. There is a Santa head and a fake cupcake. The white blanket is from the auction I was at Sunday. It was in a box with some more baby outfits, along with the rabbit and the thread.

The is a beach in or around Atlantic City. When my husband retired, we took a trip up and down the East Coast .We were gone six weeks. He is from Pa.
Our car was "full to the max"!! I had a friend that I went to see in Europe and she now lives in Virginia. When she came back to the states, she had my things I bought over there, in with her things. so I had all them. Plus, there was a place going out of business that sold Nantucket baskets. Boy, I went crazy.
These are my white supplies . Could have found a lot more. There are canvas Matt boards, white glass, pastel sticks , and on and on.
Will visit everyone that makes a comment. Laura


  1. So glad you could join in today. I love your vignette with all those wonderful dreamy whites.

    Enjoy your day.


  2. Wonderful 1st White Wednesday, I Love All Your Treasures ~ Hope to see you again Next W.W.
    Stop by if you get a chance

  3. Nice whitery! My sister also collects hands (not the real ones of course).
    God Bless,

  4. Your vignettes are lovely. My daughter had little leather shoes like yours when she was a baby...but, they were the palest pink and closed with a pearl button.

  5. What beautiful pictures, happy belated White Wednesday.