Friday, April 23, 2010

Pink Saturday

Hi ,

Thank You for coming by.

These two dolls are from my collection of Annette Himstedt dolls . I have about 14 different ones and one set of twins. They are so much fun to sew for and change their clothes. I sewed the dress on the right.The sweater on the left was Jillian's when she was small.

I have had the dolls for about five years.

I had wanted them for years before. This is in my paint craft room.

They are not cheap.

Went to Europe a few years ago and I found one in Germany. I did not want to mail it back to the states ( no idea why). I wanted to carry it on the plane with me.Well, it was too big and I had two suitcases to check , so had to pay $100.00 for another suitcase.

Now it has a broken arm. Had it sent to Denver, Colorado to get it fixed. Now have to pay $90.00 get it back. It had a broken arm before but I fixed it. Could not this time . This doll was not a good deal.

The pink candles, I saw in Pier One when I was in Fargo last week end . I love the pink. The fragrant was nice.

Hope everyone has a great Pink Saturday.

This are some of the things I bought at the craft show a few weeks ago. A dolls head band, hat pin, small hand crochet shoe with feather in it. The doily is also handmade. The lady said it took her 15 minutes to make them this size . There is also a small paper tag.


  1. Happy Pink Saturday, your dolls are beautiful. You got some lovely things.

  2. Happy P.S. and thanks so much for your visit to my blog. I adore black dolls and have collected dolls all my life. Thank you for sharing in your loveliness!

  3. Those dolls are so unique. I really love them. The crocheted shoe is really pretty too. Happy Pink Saturday.

  4. Sorry the one doll has been a real pain in the you know where! But, they sure do look cute. I just LOVE the pink candles and your latest purchases. Thanks for stopping by!

    Bella Rosa Antiques

  5. Happy Pink Saturday !!! What beautiful pinks. The dolls are just lovely with all their pink clothes. Have a most wonderful new week.

  6. Your dolls are absolutely lovely! Thank you so much for visiting my blog for my first Pink Saturday. I greatly appreciate your kind comment and I am you newest follower!

    Susan and Bentley

  7. Great dolls! They have such expressive faces.
    What are their names?

    Have a wonderful week!

  8. Your dolls look so special, sorry to hear you had some trouble getting one repaired, but what a lovely thing to cherish! That green and pink candle looks pretty, as does the crochet shoe, pretty stuff :)