Sunday, April 11, 2010

The auction

What a auction this lady had. She must have sat all day and watched and ordered from QVC. She had tables of things. Every collectible you can think of ... Fenton, Belleek, Hummel, Royal Copley, Capodimonte it, McCoy, lladro Royal Doulton plates......
Everything was so clean. Just bring it home and use it. No need to clean.

I also won some hand work.One of pieces of handwork is needle point , one is needle punch and one is embroidery (at the lake). They were in the bottom of a box .There is also two small boxes of wood spools of thread .

In Victorian day when some one died they would take some hair and make decorations with some of the hair. There is a crown made from it. It is by its self and on the chair I have never seen one like this. I will use it on a mannequin or a hat stand till I find a nice head statue

She must have had twins . There are two of the same baby outfits .I think they may fit my dolls or bears. Maybe I can have the dolls be twins I have twoof the same doll .
I did get a chair for my living room .It is not the fabric I like, but will keep it till I find fabric I do like.
Ther ewere was bears and dolls. Will show one . I will show them later.
Some of the gals I had in painting class were there. I have not talked to them in a long time .
All and all it was great day
I spent allot of money but could have done more . I really need to stay home or leave joe at home, he never lets any thing go if he or me want it we get.
There is not a thing I like better to do then go to auctions

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  1. nice for you to stop by. Hope you come back often.

    Oh, I love auctions, too..and thrift stores...even Ebay, every now and then! :))