Monday, April 12, 2010

Put Away Day

Welcome .

Happy Birthday Jillian
To Day Jillian is 10 years old today.

I have been putting away all the things I won at the auction yesterday. Here is a picture of the things that I bid on and that I wanted to win. Some of it was in the boxes. One of jewelry boxes is like the one I had when I was in school, except mine was blue. There was a little pendant with red stones of a flower and green leaves , set in gold. The Santa is a Russian , red rabbit doll is a Marie Osmond , bear is a Hermann from Germany.
Will use more for pink Saturday.
My foot is starting to hurt again. I will need to call the Dr. again.
Waiting for a book I won on Ebay (Dummies for blogging). I have so many questions . I'm sure you can tell.
Tuesday is my day for painting. Working on a still life of a picture I took a long time ago . I'm still looking for some more pictures of windows I took in Europe. I took so many of windows and bathrooms. They are different from here.

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  1. Can't wait to see you all this weekend!! That jewelry box looks pretty neat I hope I can take a look at the jewelry ;)