Thursday, April 1, 2010

a day of roses

Ciao,( Hello)

Coma Va ? (how are you/) my Italian for the day

I painted most of the day. Painted roses, wanted to use lace with the canvas do know how yet, have to think about. If any one has a idea let me know

The frames I have had for a long time .The one on the easel is from the dollar store.

There is a wood basket The handle is either tulips or roses .

I still have more wood piece with roses on them . Hope to use them in my shabby chic room

Getting ready to for Easter. We are going to make Pizza (ham Pie) at Anita 's it will be fun with everyone helping

The cheeseburger soup was wonderful here is a picture of it .No new recipe tonight.

Going to celebrate Easter

Hope to checkout thrift shop in Bismarck too or Real Deals

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