Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hats/ Pods Days 45 of Spain trip

Did not do much
Started to pack to get things out of the way
Wrapped some glass and added some beads
wrapped the pods I found
 Put nail polish on them  to seal 
Going to use with jewelry 
I also have a small feather tree 
I use for different holiday will use them on it.

(The picture is bad )
Would take more but have them packed
They are for the dolls, 
Now I need to make outfits to wear with them

I love them think it would be fun to make.
But not going to start that.
I had a collection of vintage hats
Have sold most of them. Still have a few.

 My granddaughter her boyfriend and a girl friend  she study in here Spain with 
They will be here  Thursday
Then a friend from Sweden and her boyfriend will be here for  few day
She is also going to come to London when we are there too
Do not know if I said but going to London two weeks after I leave Spain
Going back to the US then two weeks  leave for London.
Will be there two weeks
When I get back from there .
About a three week I leave for Portland Oregon
To see my friend and the lavender harvest
Wanted go to France, but Oregon  will have to do

Walked 1.22


  1. What a great trip you are doing all around the world!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. Hello, dear Laura! Did you change the design of your blog? It looks different and very beautiful :)

    Happy traveling, lovely lady. Hugs!

  3. Going home is a love/hate thing. So great to holiday but so wonderful to go home too.