Sunday, April 19, 2015

Girls/silver purse/ leather

Saturday stay in apartment cleaned ,got the bed done

Today went to church the cardinal was there

Found a leather shop wonderful leather work 
the purses are  so nice I liked the one 
laying on the  table 
They would last forever
I have so many
The shop was the size of a closet

On the walk to the sea
girl wanted there picture
Jessie is in the middle
Carly right end
Eva the blond she is from Sweden
She was a exchange student at Jessie's house in high school.
 Have become great friends 
We hope to get to 
Sweden to visit them she has been to US a couple times
She will be here only couple days.
But will see her in London again

In the park 
My favorite thing in the park
I even bought a charm of this
Went to the flea market There was a lot of things this time
Bought this small silver purse it is only 3x2 inch so sweet.
The kids did care for the market so we left.
One more time before we leave
Day is still going

Walked 3.56


  1. So your trip is over? The little silver purse is probably an antique!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. I love that little purse, it's so beautiful. I would enjoy seeing that little statue. Is it in a fountain? Good for you to walk so much!

  3. It sounds so wonderful, Laura. What a sweet purse!

  4. Wonderful Saturday, enjoying the beautiful weather, walking & buying little tresures

  5. What a fun day you all had together, the little purse sweet!

  6. The purse is beautiful. I'm sure you're seeing lots of tempting things. I love purses....they are my weakness! Have fun! Hugs!

  7. My mother had a purse like that. Gorgeous! I wonder what happened to it...