Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Fabric /give away 35

 Hi everyone,

Do not forget the comments The one that leaves the most   Will win
Started counting the comments it is a tie.
Started getting a few things,
  Surprises some you can see.

Bought myself some fabric and some fancy zippers .
My fabric was a beach theme,
sand, shell , foot prints 
I know there will be a couple zippers  in the win . 
I have never saw them in the states the zippers 
 But I'm not too much in to sewing

This was in a decorating shop .Thought she was cute
Think it was paper mache. There has been a lot of things made of paper mache.

It is rainy today ,and kind of cold.

Here is some of the tangles been doingGoing to start wrapping sea glass with wire  now
I sure hope every one starts leaving more comment.
I  have been visited but some have left  no comment .


  1. Hi Laura. Love the doll what a find.

  2. Hi Laura, so you are into wire wrapping sea glass! I love sea glass I collect everywhere I go. I didn't understand what you mean about the giveaway but it doesn't matter!AriadnefromGreece!

    1. It does matter, If you leave a comment on my blog everyday while I'm in Spain you may win the giveaway. You just read my blog everyday and leave a comment the one that makes the most comments will win . I would like to see your sea glass collection I have only got it from here in Spain Where I live we have no beaches by me Laura

    2. Ok Laura I understand now. I had been reading the blog posts about Cadiz ever since you started with the adventure but didn't leave any comments. Now I went beck and left a comment to every blogpost! You can see my sea glass at blogposts on my blog. I have a lot from all around Greece and from other parts of the world too.AriadnefromGreece!

  3. I have seen those lacy zippers on some websites before. They are really pretty. I bought beachy type fabric when I was near a beach too. Beaches are pretty wonderful.